Picnic with Rocky

The idea behind this website it to create a community for people who are building companies and those who want to start.

In 2018 I founded multiple companies that generated over $10m revenue.

While researching marketing or productivity techniques I found a lot of diluted information. The goal of this website is to condense useful lessons into informative articles with interesting narratives.

I interview founders and write about productivity, time management, growth hacking and habits. My overarching goal is to explore how we can be more productive in all aspects of our lives.

For these answers I will delve into research papers, spend time verifying how they work and translate them into methods we can use in everyday life.

I enjoy learning about the habits of people who are at the top of their game, whether this is in art, sport or business. These stories have a strong influence on me so will pop up frequently here. I will be trying to summarise common traits among these people so the methods that work most frequently are the ones you can try first.