What do you regret not starting 1 year ago?

What do you regret not starting 5 years ago?

What will you regret not starting this time next year?

Start today and never experience that feeling again.

You've had enough of excuses.

Good. Today is day one.

There is a common misconception that life is defined by one moment we too often believe that something will come along and change our lives.

Meanwhile those who are successful know that their only come from continual improvement.

They know it has their success has been build behind the scenes. Big moments are just the bits we see but it's daily improvement and habits that lead to success.

Improve by 1% every day for one year, that's it.

It will reform your life over the next year.

"One day or day one, you choose"

Here's 100 habits that will help you kickstart your 1%:

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  1. Wake up early
  2. Have a morning routine
  3. Meditate every day
  4. Start the day with your most difficult task
  5. Read 10 pages every morning
  6. Batch cook in advance
  7. 30 minutes exercise per day
  8. Track your step count
  9. Go for a walk
  10. Get 8 hours sleep per night

Personal Finances

  1. Set $10 aside every day you can
  2. Save 2 months expenses for emergencies
  3. Set saving goals every month
  4. Think before buying (wait a week and see if you still need it)
  5. Plan what you need for the week ahead of time
  6. Scan your receipts
  7. Make your lunch at home
  8. Eat out less times each month
  9. Minimise the interest on any loans - ask for reductions
  10. Bring coffee in a flask instead of buying out


  1. Practice gratitude
  2. Take breaks
  3. Have ''no screen" days
  4. See your friends regularly
  5. Put your phone down
  6. No mindless scrolling
  7. Plan your day
  8. Review your day
  9. Give out compliments
  10. Read fiction books

Your Relationships

  1. Ask how their day was
  2. Plan a date night every week
  3. Chat about your feelings weekly
  4. Cuddle for 10 minutes per day
  5. Make dinner together
  6. Text each other nice messages
  7. Talk things through calmly
  8. Write a list of house jobs and split it evenly
  9. Go to bed at the same time
  10. Book a holiday together


  1. Send a weekly update to your boss letting him know your progress
  2. Ask for a raise
  3. Don't speak badly of other people
  4. Have set times to check on email
  5. Take regular breaks to remain focused
  6. Say thank you to one coworker every say
  7. Read about how to improve at one skill
  8. Smile when you greet people
  9. Surround yourself with smart people